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Award Winning
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our Story

For our family, extra virgin olive oil, is our life.
The story of Asopos Groves began when four young people, coming from a family with generations-long knowledge of extra virgin olive oil production, decided to join forces in order to combine tradition and modern methodology.

Extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed and of low acidity, requires or, rather, demands continuous care and delicate handling throughout the whole procedure, from tending to the olive trees up to the bottling procedure. Our family knows intimately well all the intricacies of the olive oil production, and has produced throughout numerous generations thousands of litres of refined extra virgin olive oil.

A legacy of green and silver, the colours of olive trees, runs through our very veins.

Remaining true to our family’s legacy is a duty we have promised to carry on with respect and honour. Our family values and our love for the olive tree are instilled in all our products of extra virgin olive oil. We collect, process and bottle the natural juice of the olive tree fruit under strict conditions and procedures that ensure the exceptional quality and superior taste of our “Protected Geographical Indication” extra virgin olive oil.

To achieve the desired quality we implement the AGRO 2.1 & 2.2-3 integrated production management system, while the bottling is done according to the international recognized standards of ISO 22000:2005 , 22005:2007 & IFS FOOD 6.1. Above all else, though, we promise to pass on our love and knowledge of oil production down in generations to come, continuing and reinforcing our family’s precious legacy.

At Asopos Groves we pride ourselves on our continuous dedication to solely using sustainable and eco friendly materials and packaging for all of our products.

Our Products
Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Asopos Groves extra virgin olive oil is produced using a blend of "KORONEIKI" and "ATHINOLIA" varieties
resulting a mild taste that will please everyone!
After a "rest" period of at least two months in stainless steel tanks the two varieties are mixed to give an unbelievably delicate flavour.


Having standard Low Acidity of <0,4% is ranked among the best EVOO.
During our Chemical analysis reports by Multichrom.lab , an International Olive Council Recognized laboratory we have seen an acidity of as low as 0.13% after a physico-chemical testing - Type B (CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS no: 95776)
Our EVOO comes in :

- Dark bottles (100ml / 250ml / 500ml) with optional wooden cylinder eco friendly gift boxes

- Premium paper wrapped tins (100ml / 250ml / 500ml / 1lt / 3lt)

- Single dose bottles (12ml /20ml) ideal for catering (min order applies)

Our Products

Our high phenolic Premium Extra Virgin Oil is the result of a selective collection of olives derived from the "Athinolia" variety (Green Bottle) and “Koroneiki” variety (white bottle), which is collected and processed on the same day. Featuring a balanced and fruity taste; not too bitter, not too mature; with a low acidity of less than 0.2%, it is ranked among the most premium EVOO.

Being rich in polyphenols (750 mg/Kg) contributes to the overall health of the body and the lower level of acidity means there are less unwanted free fatty acids.

Lately the Athinolia and Koroneiki varieties have been connected with the highest indicators in content of total polyphenols and they’re considered to be superior compared to all other Greek varieties.

A precious product of ancient soils, produced with love and respect for a generations-long family tradition in olive oil production.


(also available in an ECO friendly gift box made from pressed eco paper)

Our Products
First Harvest October

The “ASOPOS first harvest October”, is a result of the first olives collection during October, only from monovariety olives.
(Available in 100ml bottles)

Our Products

Organic farming product produced from certified olive groves of Koroneiki and Athinolia in our region.

Our Products

Kalamata and Green Olives of superior quality and nutritional value without preservatives, colors and chemicals with natural fermentation > 9 months in our extra virgin olive oil. Available in 6 different flavors with our unique packaging.

Our Products

Olive tapenade is made with Kalamata olives without any preservatives. 

A very tasty mixture of crushed olives, garlic, capers and herbs.

A healthy and tasty alternative comparing to other olive spreads. 

A rich source of good monounsaturated fats and low in carbs.

Available in three homemade recipes.


In a nutshell:

  • EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL From our family’s Groves in the “Protected Geographical Indication” of Lakonia, Greece.

  • Rich in Antioxidants , Low acidic , High phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Hand-picked, cold-pressed and two-phased eco friendly milled solely by mechanical means. 

  • International Awards for quality winner.

  • Premium - Eco Friendly packaging.

  • Gift options availability.

  • Exceptional Taste.

  • Whole Kalamata & Green cracked olives in six unique flavors

  • Homemade olive tapenade spread recipes

  • Fly on board packaging option for most of our products

Payment Methods
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