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Extra Virgin Olive Oil's our life

Our Products

Olive trees are being grown in the lands of Laconia, Southern Greece, for thousands of years.

Following in the steps of our forefathers, using traditional methods of collection and processing, we produce two varieties of extra virgin olive oil rich in taste and with a plethora of health benefits.


Our Land...

Asopos is a small village of Lakonia, on the Peloponnese peninsula, in Southern Greece, situated in a fertile valley stretching between the mountain range of Parnon and the Laconic bay, covering an area of 80.000 roods.

Founded in ancient times, Asopos made great progress during the Roman Era up to the early Byzantine period. The castle-town of Monemvasia is the capital of the province, which in statistical reports of 1828 listed a total of 26.500 olive trees and counted 55 olive mills.

In Asopos Olive Groves we use two varieties of olive cultivars: “Koroneiki” and “Athinolia.”

The former bears small fruits but with a high quality of oil yield, while the latter, cultivated solely in Asopos village, yields extra virgin oil of exceptionally high concentration in polyphenols, the potent antioxidants agents of nature.

“And with the sprig of a fruited olive,
man is purified in extreme health”


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