Extra Virgin Olive Oil

...it's our life

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Olive trees are being grown in the lands of Laconia, Southern Greece, for thousands of years.

Following in the steps of our forefathers, using traditional methods of collection and processing, we produce two varieties of extra virgin olive oil rich in taste and with a plethora of health benefits.

Our Story...

For others, olive oil is “liquid gold.” For us, it’s something even more valuable — it’s our life.

The story of Asopos Olive Groves began when four young people, coming from a family with generations-long knowledge of oil production, decided to join forces in order to combine tradition and modern methodology.

Extra virgin oil, cold-pressed and of low acidity, requires or, rather, demands continuous care and delicate handling throughout the whole procedure, from tending to the olive trees up to the bottling procedure.

Our family knows intimately well all the intricacies of oil production, and has produced throughout numerous generations thousands of litres of refined extra virgin oil.

“And with the sprig of a fruited olive,
man is purified in extreme health”